St. Aloysius On The Ohio

134 Whipple St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45233

Rectory: 513-941-3445


Getting Involved

Lectors:  The purpose of this ministry is to help each individual learn how to proclaim the Word of God effectively to the assembled community. New parishioners are invited contact Ken Harmeyer at 314-2823 or

Communion Distributors:  Assist distributing Holy Communion at parish masses and communion services. Contact Diane Schuster at 941-4488.

Servers:  An opportunity for boys and girls (grades 5, 6, 7, and 8) and high school/adults/families to serve at weekend masses. Contact Tony Robben at 941-4250 .

Mass Announcements:  Tony Robben

Votive Candles:  Kathy Robben

Ushers:  This group will be at the doors to welcome you, to seat you if needed and to take up the collection. Contact Roger Bloebaum at 941-7486.


St. Al’s Angels:  Caring parish members willing to respond in emergency situations and other times of need.  Contact Ann Schlinkert at 403-4706.

Communion To Shut-Ins: Holy Communion is taken to the sick and homebound parishioners weekly. Contact Ben Schmidt at 941-2107 or Mike Klapper at 484-8049.

Hospital Visitations:  Contact the parish office at 941-3445.

Prayer Chain: Our parish prayer chain is always available to pray for your special intention. If you have a special need, which you would like to have included in our prayers, please call Cathy Meyer at 941-4435 or Eileen Rechtsteiner at 941-0390.

Bereavement Committee:  Assists grieving families in planning liturgies for their loved ones, including the readings, musicians, ministers if needed, etc. Contact Terri Vogel at 941-7983, Mary Durbin at 407-3220 or Debbie Bloebaum at 941-7486.

Christmas Tree / Donations:  Denny Meyer at 941-4435.

Wednesday Prayer Service:  Catherine Jaspers at 941-1408.

SVDP Rep: Ben Schmidt at 941-2107

Collection Counters:  Ron Schuster at 490-0090.

Landscape Crew:  Main Grounds Ben Schmidt 941-2107

Hollow:  Don Knue at 505-3461.

Parish Carpenter:  Mark Vincent at 941-6728.

Parish Electrician:  John Yunker at 941-8823.

SAOTO Alumni:  Amy Linneman at 310-1402

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